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Wellington Stone Wall

Looking for a stone retaining wall in Wellington? Our team can install and construct stone walls for your property. We specialise in high-quality bricklaying and block laying for wall construction.

Leave the hardwork to us. Whether you need contractors for stone walls for your residential or commercial property, we have got you covered.  The following are the different types of stones can use for your property in Wellington.

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Riverstones, Limestones, & Greywacke

Certain areas in Wellington better be using riverstones or limestones for convenience and durability of the finish product. Riverstones are natural stones sourced locally, which can create a grand entranceway for your property. Riverstones and graywacke are much darker than limestones, but if you want an eye-catching retaining wall, limestone would be an excellent choice.

Granite & Bluestones

The Otago Schist stone is a natural stone known for its distinctive creamy appearance. It’s commonly used in commercial landscaping, foundations, and even cladding. Hinuera rocks are natural volcanic stones, darker than the latter, and can be sourced directly from Waikato. It’s perfect for front yard designing and landscaping. On the other hand, real schist cladding is between 150 – 180mm thick and are better used for cladding. Whilst it can be used for retaining walls, many people prefer to use it since it’s easier to approve.

Otago Schist, Hinuera & Oamaru

Granite and bluestones are popular retaining wall alternatives. What makes them special is that they can be cut according to the size of the space where thick be used.

How Long Should Stone Walls Be?

A stone retaining wall can be built safely up to 3-4 feet, without concrete footings. If soil is used as the wall foundation, we need to tamp it to a depth of 12-18 inches. If the retaining wall exceeds the allowable height, that is the time it will require building consent from Wellington council.

Highly-Qualified Retaining Wall Specialists Wellington

As highly-qualified retaining wall specialists in Wellington, our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. With a proven track record of designing and constructing retaining walls, we navigate the unique challenges posed by Auckland’s geography, climate, and soil conditions with precision. Hire our team today.