Blockwork Retaining Wall

Wellington Blockwork

One of the in-demand retaining walls Wellington NZ is blockwork. This type of retaining wall uses concrete or cement blocks, which are bigger than standard clays or concrete bricks. However, to make them lighter they are hollow to the core, which also helps with insulation.

Blockwork retaining walls are highly-resistant to fire and are very durable. They are perfect for the various weather conditions in Wellington.

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Different Types of Blocks

We have different block designs to suit your property demands. Feel free to reach to our team for advice and recommendation of the best size to use.

blockwork retaining wall in wellington nz

Geogrid Walls

Geogrid walls are cost-effective solutions for sloping driveways and road cliffs. It can last for many years to come.

Steel Grid

Similar to the panel system, it’s perfect for residential homes and offer cost advantage to end users. Extremely durable and long lasting, with aesthetic appeals.

Gravity Wall

Perfect for sloping land installation. It uses a tongue-and-grove system that holds the soil behind them. Built with sturdy concrete mix and durable materials.

Positive Connection

Features geogrid positive connection, which provides greater safety. Perfect for bridges & heavy loads

Massblock Walls

It works without any reinforcement and are stable up to 1.8 meters only. Perfect for emergency roadside slip repair. Give us a call if you need a trusted contractor to build a massblock wall.

Planter Wall

Ideal for building attractive plant terraces for houses in Wellington. Environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

Blockwork Sizes

Standard blocks: these are basically used as based. It can range from 570kg to 630kg to ensure strong adherence to the ground and resistance against pressures. Our retaining wall builders will assess your property and provide direction on the right type of blocks to be used.

Half high Blocks: These blocks are half the height of standard blocks, which are perfect for places with less elevation. You can also utilise them to design your garden or provide edging to your home or if you have a sloping driveway.

Why Use Blockwork Retaining Walls?

Blockwork retaining walls are extremely durable and long-lasting. DEpeniding on your location and property, you may select blockwork designs.

  • quick and easy installation
  • designed to last up to 100 years
  • Very easy to transport
  • Minimises manual labour
  • Less concrete than solid block systems
  • Cost effective
  • Flexible design options

Blockwork is construction with concrete or cement blocks that are larger than a standard clay or concrete brick. To make them lighter and easier to work with, they have a hollow core that also improves their insulation capacity. They are available in a variety of densities to suit different application. Make sure to call us if you need a free quotation.